Meet the face behind the brand and learn about the process of how
No Bad Days Skincare became what it is today.


Founder of No Bad Days Skincare here. I created this brand to give other people the opportunity to purchase clean, natural, but at the same time, kick-ass products to help clear their skin and more importantly boost their confidence. 

I spent many years worrying about my skin, hiding in the school bathrooms, calling in sick to work, staying at home and missing friends' birthdays. I was avoiding people at all costs in the fear that someone will see me with my 'bad' skin. I always understood that confidence came from within, but for some reason I couldn’t fully be myself when I was worrying about the breakouts.

I could never find skincare products that helped me long term without drying or irritating my skin. During the pandemic I thought it was the best time to take matters into my own hands and try something new out. After a few weeks of testing formulas in my ‘home lab’ a.k.a kitchen, I put together the first version of the Himalayan Pink Salt Facial Spray. This changed everything! It not only cleared my skin, it brought back the ‘natural moisture’ into my skin. No more spots, no more dry skin. I started to notice after using it for a few weeks that I even stopped getting new breakouts. That’s when I thought, this must be shared with the world.

I started the process of finding the right people to help me achieve my dream and after months of formulations with an NZ based manufacturer, we managed to perfect the formulas for NBD’s first two products.

Trying new skincare can be overwhelming. You never know what to expect and most of all, never understand what those ingredients actually mean. When I developed No Bad Days Skincare, I made sure to stick to what I always craved; natural, local, simple skincare! So, if you're anything like me, you'll love these products as they are New Zealand made, using natural ingredients and they actually make a difference!

I really hope that No Bad Days stays true to its name and helps you at least a little, to make your day better.