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Launching November 2022, No Bad Days (NBD) is proud to introduce its clean, natural, sustainable and cruelty-free line up of luxurious skincare, featuring a watermelon-infused ‘Himalayan Pink Salt Facial Spray’ and ‘Soothing and Clarifying Clay Mask’. This blemish fighting duo is the first step in ensuring every day starts off the right way.

Crafted with Himalayan Pink Salt, watermelon and manuka, No Bad Days’ Facial Sprays perfectly balanced to match all skin types and leaves skin feeling exfoliated, restored and refreshed. The Clay Mask is made with Kaolin Clay to gently draw out unwanted dirt and oil which can become trapped in the skin.

No Bad Days Founder, Julia Juhasz saw a gap in the market when it came to products that could clear blemishes without drying out her skin. Enter Himalayan Salt Spray! Juhasz discovered the power of this miracle ingredient during New Zealand’s Covid-19 lockdowns and set to work straight away with a team of Kiwi product developers to create the perfect face finessing formula.

Designed to clear, soothe and hydrate skin, No Bad Days will enhance your natural glow and restore your confidence to tackle each and every day. These carefully formulated products are powered by a confidence boosting ethos that separates them from other brands in the market.

“I spent far too long hiding away, avoiding friends and social events in fear that I might be seen on a ‘bad day,’” says NBD founder, Julia Juhasz.

“No Bad Days was created to boost people’s confidence and empower them to feel comfortable in their own skin. It doesn’t focus on fixing perceived ‘flaws’ but rather encourages its users to love the skin they’re in and treat themselves with a bit of self-care while they’re at it!”

Developed with a sustainable lens, No Bad Days is sold in unique frosted glass packaging and comes with a line of reusable accessories including a remover pad, cosmetic headband and angled applicator brush.

While the selection of skincare products and their complex ingredient lists can be overwhelming, No Bad Days uses simple, familiar ingredients so that consumers can be confident in their choice to go natural.

Instead of scary chemicals, No Bad Days’ ingredients list includes Himalayan Pink Salt, Watermelon Juice, Kaolin Clay, Manuka Water & Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, and Cucumber Extract among other blemish fighting ingredients.

New Zealand owned and operated, No Bad Days Skincare is available for purchase online via

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